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Welcome to Feminique

Movement for Women

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An invitation to experience self-empowerment

  • Explore the sensual side of fitness with this integrated workout that combines dance, yoga, pilates, and slow, sensual movement into one complete, empowering and super-sexy workout.

  • Build your core strength, increase your flexibility, and improve your stamina as you learn to leave your inhibitions at the door and have a BLAST.

  • Sexy walking, poses, floor work, hip movements, body rhythms, arm and hand styling, and more!

  • This class empowers women to reconnect with their feminine body, find a new love and respect for your beautiful female curves. 


It's not just exercise for the body; it is dance for the Mind, Body and Soul.


Move your body
...the way she wants to

At Feminique, we believe in creating a community of people who love the power of movement as much we do. We ensure that every student leaves their class feeling energized and joyful, filled with all the passion that movement has to offer. Ready to embark on this incredible journey?  Get in touch today.

Meet Lily


Hi, I'm Valerie

Instructor.  Singer.  Dancer. 

Woman.  Sister.  Friend. 

Valerie diLorenzo is a Professional and award-winning Performing and Teaching Artist for 25+ years. 


Intrigued and awed by the sensual dance movement, Valerie started as a student of Sfactor, Art of Exotic Dancing and Sensual Dance for Women, among others.  She took her first  in 2005 and never stopped.  Discovering that this was the way her body wanted to move, she became a certified Sfactor instructor. 


Valerie is an Empowerment Goddess and teaches women everywhere form ages 16-92 to connect with the innate beauty of themselves and their bodies “as they are today” provides infinite rewards on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. 

All services = Certified, Licensed & Insured. 

Are you ready to begin your journey?


Paulette (67)

This was such a amazing experience…Valerie immediately put me at ease, she is so comfortable with the movement and demonstrates it with ease and confidence.  She provided modifications when necessary and stayed with me when I needed extra help.  I never felt self-conscious for a moment…it was great to move in such a slow way, I really got in touch with my body. 


Carol (55)

A delicious class – I loved the music, the routine, the freedom – YES!  It was really fun and a good workout too.  I never got the feeling like anyone was looking at me or whether I was doing something “right”.  And I loved Valerie's warmth and support – she created a great atmosphere for us.  



212 433 2579


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